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UKIP success is warning to Tories
Date 18/03/2011 14:15  Author webmaster  Hits 1041  Language Global
18 MAR 2011

By Frederick Forsyth | Daily Express

THE results of the Barnsley by-election probably mean little enough for two reasons: the turnout was tiny and it was always a rock-solid Labour fortress, even with a crooked MP.

Non-Labour voters could vote for their grievances rather than their beliefs. Still and all, for UKIP to beat the Tories into third place ought to have set off a couple of warning bells at Tory HQ. But it didn’t because it never does. For all that I’m prepared to bet 90 per cent of the UKIP vote was from defecting Conservatives. But, as they know that even a general election vote is a foregone conclusion, why didn’t Barnsley Tory voters declare their mood last May?

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