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Libya: EU insists UN vote is needed for use of force
Date 14/03/2011 14:36  Author webmaster  Hits 1341  Language Global

14 MAR 2011

By Dan McLaughlin | Irish Times

EUROPEAN UNION foreign ministers have insisted that a UN Security Council resolution is needed to endorse military action against Libya, while some of them suggest Brussels could enter talks with moderate members of the Gadafy regime as well as the rebel council in Benhgazi.

“No one is excluded apart from Gadafy. We need to have contacts with all different sectors of the Libyan society,” Sweden’s top diplomat Carl Bildt said on the sidelines of an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Hungary.

His French counterpart Alain Juppé said the Benghazi council was “an essential partner” but underlined that “there can be other interlocutors”.

“We must see if in Tripoli in the current regime there aren’t potential interlocutors, although Gadafy and his close circle must of course be excluded from this process,” Mr Juppé added.

France and Britain are seen as strong advocates for the swift imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya, while Germany has adopted a far more cautious position.

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