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Heseltine`s £900,000 EU handout
Date 11/03/2011 14:28  Author webmaster  Hits 1466  Language Global

11 MAR 2011

By Richard Kay | Daily Mail

Conservatively estimated to be worth more than £200 million, publisher and Tory patrician Lord Heseltine has always shown a slavish devotion to the European Union throughout his political career.

But it is surprising to learn just how much money the former deputy prime minister — one of the richest men in Parliament — receives from EU taxpayers.

For I learn that silver-haired Heseltine has been benefiting from a generous income from Brussels in the form of farming subsidies.

Hezza, 77, who handed the reins of his hugely successful Haymarket publishing empire to son Rupert 13 months ago, has, over the years, been enjoying average payments of around £90,000-a-year for his farming activities across 1,255 acres in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Figures for the ten years from 2000 to 2009 show he pocketed a plethora of subsidies.

Writer and ‘transparency’ campaigner Jack Thurston, who uncovered the figures under a Freedom of Information request, says that since 2007 these separate subsidies have been rolled into one entity called the ‘single payment scheme’.

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