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Yemen police open fire on protesters, over 80 hurt
Date 09/03/2011 16:01  Author webmaster  Hits 1227  Language Global
09 MAR 2011


Sana'a - At least 80 protesters were injured after Yemeni police used live ammunition and tear gas in a bid to disperse protesters outside Sana'a University, sources said on Wednesday.

The Yemen Post reported that at least 18 of those injured were in critical condition after the attack, which took place late on Tuesday.

The spokesperson of the opposition coalition known as the Joint Meeting Parties, Mohammed Qahtan, denounced the attacks and told the newspaper that he holds President Ali Abdullah Saleh responsible.

The incident came on the same day that the government ordered the military out onto the streets for the first time since anti- government protests erupted last month.

Troops were stationed at Sana'a University and in front of the presidential palace, where protesters have been camped out.

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