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McKinstry : The tide is turning and we see the EU for what it truly is
Date 07/03/2011 11:37  Author webmaster  Hits 1010  Language Global
07 MAR 2011

By Leo McKinstry | Daily Express

NO politician symbolises the twisted values of the EU more graphically than Baroness Cathy Ashton, the Brussels foreign affairs boss. All the European Union’s traits of hypocrisy, profligacy, arrogance and lack of democracy are embodied in this ridiculous bureaucratic parasite.

Baroness Ashton has never been elected to any public office during her unedifying career. Yet now, amid the turmoil of North Africa, she has the nerve to give lectures about the importance of elections and liberty. “True democracy is the necessary foundation of tolerance, peace and prosperity,”

she piously intoned in an article last Friday. Well, if she really believes that, why does she not apply such a principle to the unaccountable, self-serving oligarchy of her own EU Commission? If anywhere needs the breath of democracy it is the closed politburo of Ashton and her cronies.

Similarly, as a second-rate Labour apparatchik, Ashton has never run any major organisation in her life. But she now finds herself in charge of a burgeoning EU diplomatic empire, with a lavish headquarters in Brussels, a huge army of officials and expensive self-styled embassies all over the world.

She is also head of the European Defence Agency, an outfit that is assuming ever greater importance as Brussels accelerates the process of integration. Already she has proved herself to be hopelessly out of her depth, unable either to rise to the challenges of her role or to control her colossal budget. Yesterday, as the civil war intensified in Libya, Ashton announced that she is to send “a fact-finding mission” to the region.

That’s just what the world needs in the middle of a ferocious conflict: over-paid penpushers wandering around the desert so a socialist mediocrity can give the illusion of doing something to justify her existence. Equally disastrous has been her lack of grip over finances.

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