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Religious Tensions In Bahrain On Edge
Date 05/03/2011 19:31  Author webmaster  Hits 1442  Language Global
05 MAR 2011

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge

The little country that everyone forgot about after violent killings two weeks ago are now erased from the collective 15 minute memory, is now back on the map.

Religious tensions in Bahrain continue to escalate as can be seen in the following speech by senior Shia cleric Sheik Isa Qassim, who essentially confirmed that there will be no dialogue between the protesters and the government:

"Dialogue requires the agreement of two opposite sides that have disagreement and are looking to reach an agreement. Therefore we see no value in requiring us to sit with some groups or parliamentarians who are in total agreement with the government. The opposition delegation will not be representing a sect, a political party, an institution, or a group of parliamentarians; rather they will have the confidence of the people who are raising legitimate demands."

So much for attempts to resolve things peacefully. Yet what could be the match that sets off the bomb is the announcement by the Bahrain Defense Force that Mohammed al-Buflasa, a Bahraini who was detained on February 15 after speaking in support of the Pearl Roundabout protesters, will be court-martialed.

As the following annotated speech transcript by Qassim, the Shi'a will not stand for it. Will this be another weekend in which Bahrain deals with peaceful protests with live fire at the discontents? If so, it may be the end of the tenuous peace in the Saudi Arabia region.

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