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:: The Polar Night climate model against UN’s ”Kyoto” climate model
Date 23/11/2009 00:07  Author UKIPmeps  Hits 2056  Language Global
Prof. G. Høpner PETERSEN
18 November 2009

UN’s “Kyoto” climate model was promoted in many places by the US ex-president Al Gore in his film and book “an inconvenient truth”. It was introduced by the Danish climate minister Connie Hedegaard, 28-3-2007, in my local cinema, “Gladsaxe Bio”. Al Gore postulated “climate crisis”, rising sea level and flooding low lands, due to the sun and the greenhouse effect caused by human use of coal and gas could melt the polar ice with. This cannot compensate for the heat loss during the Polar Nights.  Hence, his “climate crisis” is false. I called it a “convenient politically lie”, 10-4-2007, in our local newspaper. He ignored the Polar Night climate model.

Of course only a few have experienced the Polar nights and measured their influence on the deep, cold, Arctic oceans with their specialised arctic marine life. Fishmarkets sell some Arctic species like the “Deep Sea Prawn”, the “Greenland Halibut”, the “redfish”. They belong to the basic, arctic, marine food chain. On top of this energy flow are toppredators like Polarbear and Whalrus. The icebergs from the glaciers float in the Arctic oceans, surrounded during summer by boats fishing “deep sea prawn”. During winter the “Greenland Halibut” is fished through holes in the sea ice. The global heat loss during the Polar nights has during million of years created the polar Oceans with the well adapted polar species The polar oceans and the ocean currents control the global climate. Human use of coal and oil, hot air, greenhouse effect, CO2 quotas etc are of no influence.

Polar Bear and Icebergs are erroneously used as victims for a “climate crisis”, for instance the Polar Bear by “Politiken”, and Icebergs by the large Swedish bank “Nordea”.

US president Barack Obama wants China to allow rights of free speech and free press without censurship. Barack Obama can demand the same from the Danish Government and medias, who suppressed all “Kyoto” critics in articles, lectures etc. I asked the EU parliament, 7-5-2009,  to secure my rights of free speech for “Kyoto” critics. The curageous “Frederiksborg Amts Avis” referred it , 25-5-2009, as ”A convenient climate lie”. EU accepted, 13-10-2009, my plea for free speech to “Kyoto” critics. They refer the Polar night climate model to the commision for food resources. They refer my right for free speech to the Danish “Folketingets Ombudsmand".

There is a huge finansiel and NGO pressure to a global agreement on CO2 quotas with all the taxes and number of conflicts. Several countries are clever enough to win the position as victims for a hypotized “climate crisis”. As victims they claim compensation from EU as responsible for “climate changes”. It leads to endless cases known from insurance compagnies. EU accepted UN’s “Kyoto” agreement without own independent studies of the model, the expences etc.

The politicians selected one “scientific “ model as the “truth” and supressed all critics. This brings our civilisation back to the times before Galileo. 

I hope this paper to “The Copenhagen Climate Challenge”, 6-12-2009, will bring some common sense and scientific knowledge to politicians and medias at COP-15 in the “Bella Centre”. 

G. Høpner Petersen
Pens. Docent, dr. phil   Zoologisk  Museum
Aldershvilevej 120, I, th.
DK  2880 Bagsværd
Tlf. 44 98 99 81
email: lisring  @ oncable .dk