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What a shame we can't have a Tea Party PM in Britain
Date 04/11/2010 12:11  Author webmaster  Hits 1079  Language Global
04 NOV 2010

By Richard Littlejohn | Mail

Victorious Tea Party candidate Rand Paul put it succinctly. ‘People don’t understand why they have to balance their family budget, but Congress doesn’t.
‘Say that in Washington and they act as if you’re crazy. What’s crazy is a two trillion dollar deficit. We have to put our fiscal house in order.’
On Tuesday night, Paul was elected the new Republican Senator for Kentucky with 56 per cent of the vote. It was the first time the 47-year-old optical surgeon had stood for office, though politics is in his blood.

His father, Ron Paul, has been called the godfather of the Tea Party movement, having twice run for President on an unashamed small government ticket.

Rand Paul was one of the stand-out success stories of this week’s mid-term elections, which delivered a damning repudiation of Barack Obama’s record in the White House.
Although Republicans failed narrowly to win control of the Senate, they recaptured Congress with a record number of gains and won several vital swing states, such as Ohio, which will give them a potent launch pad when the President comes up for re-election in two years’ time.

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