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Powerful EU Nations May Reform "Mission Impossible" Treaty in Secret
Date 31/10/2010 18:54  Author webmaster  Hits 1043  Language Global
31 OCT 2010

By Eric Blair | Activist Post

The AFP reported today that the European Union members agreed to make "landmark" and "tricky" reforms to the current Lisbon Treaty designed to "fend off another financial crisis."  To clarify, they did not all agree on final reforms, yet they all agreed changes must be made.

However, a top EU diplomat warned that getting all member nations to agree on the actual reforms may be a "mission impossible."  So, reportedly, the final deal may be hashed out in secret without any input from the European parliament or "wish-list" political requests from representatives of member states.  According to AFP:

The EU 27 are hoping a rewrite can be concluded via a quick and easy procedure that bypasses the European parliament and closes the door on member states who come knocking with wish-lists of their own to re-open chapters of the treaty.
EU President Herman Van Rompuy claimed that reforms are essential to shore up the euro and "to make the European economies more crisis proof."  The biggest reform to the treaty has been demanded by Europe's powerhouse economies, Germany and France, who want the creation of a permanent rescue fund to help fiscally challenged nations in the union

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