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David Cameron says he is a `Eurosceptic` following EU `deal`
Date 30/10/2010 15:43  Author webmaster  Hits 1098  Language Global
30 OCT 2010

David Cameron has tried to reassure Conservative MPs about his approach to Britain's place in Europe, by declaring openly for the first time since becoming Prime Minister: "I am a Eurosceptic".

By James Kirkup | Telegraph

The Prime Minister made his most explicit statement of opposition to further European Union integration, at an EU summit in Brussels.

The EU does not spend its money well and must not be allowed to become a "superstate," he said.

Mr Cameron has this week faced criticism from Conservative MPs and peers over the EU budget and his approach to Europe.

As well as accepting a £430 million rise in Britain's payments to the EU next year, Mr Cameron has faced residual Conservative anger over his refusal to hold a British referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which took force last year.

The Prime Minister will discuss the European summit in the Commons on Monday, where is likely to face questions from Conservatives concerned he has not taken a sufficiently hard line in European negotiations.

Bill Cash, the Conservative chairman of the Commons European Scrutiny Committee, said Mr Cameron's European negotiations "cannot be seen as a success at all."

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