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MEPs shocked by Van Rompuy ´ignorance`
Date 29/10/2010 14:07  Author webmaster  Hits 1224  Language Global

29 OCT 2010

By Martin Banks | The Parliament

European council President Herman Van Rompuy has been urged to apologise after he said he knows of 'no pro-European nationalist party in Europe.'

His comments made in Flemish TV programme Ter Zake were met with dismay by MEPs from the European Free Alliance Group in parliament, which draws together pro-European, progressive nationalists and regionalists.

On Friday, Van Rompuy, a former Belgian PM, was chairing the summit of prime ministers and heads of state in Brussels and has not formally responded to the attack.

But EFA group leader, Jill Evans, a UK deputy, said, "Van Rompuy's comments are simply wrong. I met him several months ago representing EFA parties to explain our nationalist and regionalist movements in Europe and the recent constitutional developments.

"One of the characteristics of EFA parties is that we see our future as equal partners in Europe. I want to see Wales as an independent member state playing its full part in building a better EU. Our vision of a "Europe of the peoples" reflects that."

She said Van Rompuy should "learn about the politics of many of the parties and citizens in the EU which he is choosing to ignore".

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