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Belgian minister criticises US terror alert
Date 28/10/2010 11:58  Author webmaster  Hits 1042  Language Global
28 OCT 2010

By Valentina Pop

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - Belgium's acting interior minister has criticised the US for publishing a terror alert earlier this month which did not differentiate between EU countries and regions.

"The Americans issued a travel warning to their citizens to be vigilant if they travel in Europe, irrespective if it is Paris or London or my little village - everything was the same. To put it in short, this doesn't work," Annemie Turtelboom told journalists during a press briefing in Brussels on Wednesday (27 October).

"I called my American colleague and the response was - we only told our citizens to be vigilant. But then our [European] citizens ask - what about us, is it not a problem for us?"

The US alert on 3 October spoke of "potential terrorist attacks in Europe" and referred to "current information" about an Al-Qaeda plot. Subsequent US media reports said France, Germany, Britain and the US are potential targets for radicalised European nationals trained in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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