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EU accused of `hijacking` Remembrance Sunday
Date 28/10/2010 11:53  Author webmaster  Hits 1019  Language Global
28 OCT 2010

The EU has been accused of trying to "hijack" Remembrance Sunday with a £4.7 million plan to put euro-branded commemorative plaques marking "European integration" on war cemeteries and memorials

By Bruno Waterfield

MEPs approved plans for "European Heritage Label" to mark sites with "a symbolic European value" that "have played a key role in the history and/or the building of EU".

The "labels" will be decided by a special EU committee with an annual budget of £783,000 over six years. British taxpayers will contribute almost £640,000 at a time of deep national spending cuts, including to Britain's military.

The plaques, to be designed by an open competition next year, aim "to strengthen European citizens' sense of belonging to the EU".

Despite the fact that the Brussels-based EU institutions do not mark the Belgian bank holiday of Armistice Day on November 11, to avoid offending German sensibilities, Commission officials have confirmed that the "heritage labels" will be used on war memorial sites.

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