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Clegg breaks ranks on Wikileaks affair
Date 25/10/2010 12:01  Author webmaster  Hits 1111  Language Global
25 OCT 2010

By Andrew Rettman

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - British deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has broken ranks with the UK and US administrations by saying that the abuses revealed by the Wikileaks publication on Iraq merit further enquiry.

Speaking in a BBC TV interview on Sunday (24 October), one day after the Wikileaks website put on display 391,832 classified US files documenting the war effort from 2004 to the present day, Mr Clegg said: "We can bemoan how these leaks occurred, but I think the nature of the allegations made are extraordinarily serious. They are distressing to read about and they are very serious. I am assuming the US administration will want to provide its own answer. It's not for us to tell them how to do that."

"I think anything that suggests that basic rules of war, conflict and engagement have been broken or that torture has been in any way condoned are extremely serious and need to be looked at. People will want to hear what the answer is to what are very, very serious allegations of a nature which I think everybody will find quite shocking."

Mr Clegg, whose Liberal party opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, currently shares power with the pro-invasion Conservative Party in the UK.

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