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Sunday Paper Review (24.10.2010) by The Talking Clock
Date 24/10/2010 14:31  Author webmaster  Hits 1190  Language Global
24 OCT 2010

The Talking Clock

Unsurprisingly, the Independent on Sunday is not alone in trawling through the latest Wikileaks revelations about U.S. conduct in Iraq. With 391,832 documents to examine, it could take time for news sources to dig out detail as yet unheard, but everything that we know from the latest batch of revelations seems consistent with the endless stream of horror stories that we have heard almost continuously since the Iraq war began.

The most repugnant aspect of it all is that I no longer find myself surprised by the reports of torture and human rights abuses that I read about. It is what we have come to expect. The people in power - almost everywhere across the globe - seem to answer to no-one and are truly lacking in any moral standing whatsoever.

Welcome to the globalist New World Order.

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