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EU is on another planet
Date 24/10/2010 01:36  Author webmaster  Hits 1164  Language Global
24 OCT 2010

By Kirsty Buchanan | Express

BARKING Brussels politicians have proved they live on another planet by pouring millions of pounds into the pointless European space programme.

As millions of Britons faced swingeing cuts, the draft EU budget reveals an extra £23million will be spent on space research next year, taking the annual total to £204million.

Taxpayers’ cash is also being funnelled into a £670million subsidy of pro-European documentaries and art-house films revelling in scenes of sex and violence.

Nigel Farage, frontrunner to lead the UK Independence Party, last night described the draft budget as proof that Brussels had lost touch with reality. He said: “The idea of sending eurocrats into orbit has its charms but £23million extra for space research is bizarre.

“Will the first EU space rocket have gold-plated taps and marble flooring? It seems our eurocrats have finally got off the Brussels gravy train and boarded Starship Excess.”

The 500-page draft was rubber-stamped by MEPs on the same day that Chancellor George Osborne was pulling Britain back from the brink of financial ruin with an £81billion cut in state spending.

The EU document is unapologetic about the 13 per cent increase in next year’s European space programme from £181million to £204million.

It states: “Decreasing financial support for policies like research and innovation, which are core priorities of the European Union cannot be accepted by the European Parliament, because they can be harmful for the functioning of the programmes. Therefore, increasing appropriations… is fully justified.”

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