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EU Pledges $15 Million for Central African Republic Elections
Date 22/10/2010 12:55  Author webmaster  Hits 1004  Language Global
22 OCT 2010

VoA News

The European Union representative to the Central African Republic said the commission has made available more than $15 million to fund the country's presidential and legislative elections.  This is raising hope the polls will be held in January 2011, after a year of repeated delays.

EU ambassador to the Central African Republic, Guy Samzun, said Wednesday the European Union is prepared to more than double its original pledge of funding for the country's elections next year.

The European Union is the primary donor for the elections.  Samzun said initially the European Union pledged about $5.5 million.  After a request for the country's president and a review of a proposed electoral budget, he said the commission expected to raise its contribution to more than $13 million.  With the contributions of individual EU member states, he said more than $15 million is now available.  

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