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French authorities force open fuel depots
Date 20/10/2010 16:16  Author webmaster  Hits 1079  Language Global
20 OCT 2010

French authorities have forced some fuel depots to reopen to ensure gasoline supplies disrupted by nationwide strikes over pension reform.

By Henry Samuel in Paris | Telegraph

Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister, has threatened to send in paramilitary police to stop rioters who torched cars, trashed stores and injured police and others on the fringes of nationwide protests.

He said more than 1,400 people have been detained for such violence over the past week.

Mr Hortefeux said on Wednesday that overnight three fuel depots in western France had been forced open “without incident.”

Workers who say the pension reform threatens hard-earned social protections have been blocking depots for days, leaving nearly a third of the country’s gas stations dry Tuesday.

On Tuesday, youth demonstrators and radical strikers staged blockades for the sixth time in two months while the country's oil refineries were shut leaving 4,000 petrol pumps out of fuel. Lorries clogged roads and hundreds of thousands of striking workers filled the streets.

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