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• Romania could enter Schengen ‘if EU shuts one eye’
Date 12/10/2010 13:39  Author webmaster  Hits 1087  Language Global
12 OCT 2010


Bucharest could be admitted in the border-free Schengen area next year if its current members show leniency over delays in implementing a series of criteria, according to a Romanian think-tank. EurActiv.ro reports.

The Romanian Centre for European Policies, a Bucharest think-tank, has monitored the work of the Romanian administration in preparing the country's accession to Schengen, planned for March 2011.

The resulting 30-page report, entitled 'Ready for Schengen? Graduates of indulgence', reveals that four out of 31 implementation measures monitored are unlikely to meet the deadline.

When Romania eventually joins Schengen, the country will have the second largest land border among the group's members (2,070 km), second only to Finland’s border with Russia. The report points out that Romania's border with Ukraine and Moldova will be one of the "most difficult" to protect with respect to combating illegal migration and trafficking.

Border controls between Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria would disappear as a consequence of the country's Schengen accession, the report warns.

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