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• Swizterland EU bid ‘not really on the agenda’
Date 11/10/2010 13:13  Author webmaster  Hits 1016  Language Global
11 OCT 2010


Bilateral agreements will remain the basis of relations between Switzerland and EU countries, Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey told EurActiv ahead of hosting the thirteenth international Francophonie summit.

"For the time being, bilateral relationships will remain the best way for Switzerland to establish its position in Europe," Calmy-Rey told EurActiv.

Asked whether Switzerland wanted to imitate Iceland and join the European Union in the wake of the financial and economic crises, the foreign minister replied: "Applying to join the EU isn’t really on the agenda."

Switzerland has found itself in the eye of the storm during the ongoing crises amid concerns over the transparency of its banking system.

The foreign minister said Switzerland "would like to be directly involved in the future work of the G20," particularly where financial regulation was concerned.   

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