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India, EU to host meet of G-23 on Doha round of talks
Date 11/10/2010 13:11  Author webmaster  Hits 982  Language Global
11 OCT 2010

Economic Times

GENEVA: India and the European Union will jointly host a brainstorming session of the Group of 23 countries on Wednesday to explore how the stalled Doha trade negotiations could be re-energized, sources said.

Several trade envoys met in small groups last week exchanging ideas on Doha agriculture, industrial goods, services, among other issues.

These meetings, however, failed to bring about any convergence on numerous gaps between the industrialised countries, particularly the United States , and key developing countries like China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Argentina.

"Though these meetings are useful, there is no progress in the market access pillar [that includes agriculture, industrial goods and services]," said one participant, who preferred to remain anonymous.

In an attempt to chalk out the way-forward in the Doha negotiating process, India and the EU are convening a meeting of trade envoys of the G-23 group that includes United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Mauritius, Barbados, Turkey, Venezuela, Chile, Norway Malaysia, Colombia, and Pakistan.

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