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• Delors asks Germany: ‘Are you still true to EU values?’
Date 08/10/2010 13:28  Author webmaster  Hits 1063  Language Global
08 OCT 2010


Without naming German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jacques Delors, who is known as one of the 'fathers of Europe', posed the question yesterday (7 October) of whether the EU's biggest country - which reunited twenty years ago - is still interested in the European project.

Delors, a long-serving Commission president (1985-1994) who was the architect of the euro and the EU's Eastern enlargement, was invited to speak in the European Parliament to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Germany's reunification.

After speaking to a packed Parliament hemicycle in Brussels, the Frenchman was received with a standing ovation which lasted several minutes. He was standing alongside Lothar de Maizière, the first democratically-elected prime minister of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), who had the task of putting to an end his country, created during the Cold War.

In his speech, Delors recalled the political wisdom of German politicians at the time of reunification, citing Chancellor Helmut Kohl as primary among these.

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