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European truckmakers fear EUs tough CO2 curbs
Date 08/10/2010 13:26  Author webmaster  Hits 1194  Language Global
08 OCT 2010

By Marcin Grajewski

(Reuters) - Producers of heavy trucks protested on Thursday at European Union plans to impose strict curbs on emissions of carbon dioxide from the vehicles, saying they were unrealistic and ill-designed.

The chiefs of Volvo, Fiat's unit Iveco and DAF said they had asked the European Commission and the European Parliament to redesign the planned law, warning them of chaos in an industry employing 250,000 people.

The 27-nation EU wants to cut emissions of CO2 by 20 percent from their 1990 level, by 2020, in its battle against global warming. Reducing pollution from heavy trucks is to be part of the plan, which the Commission is likely to propose next year.

The EU is debating plans to cut emissions from vans and light trucks to 175 grams of CO2 per km by 2016, and the CEOs fear a similar scheme might be imposed on heavy trucks.

"They result from perceptions that trucks are just big cars. This can push regulation in the wrong way," Volvo CEO Leif Johansson told reporters.

Iveco chief Paolo Monferino said: "Those numbers are scaring us. We don't have the technology to achieve them."

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