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• Could UKIP be Britain´s electoral Tea Party?
Date 06/10/2010 14:55  Author webmaster  Hits 1182  Language Global
06 OCT 2010

Michael Heaver's Blog
Simon Richards, a good man and Director of The Freedom Association has set up the British Tea Party, an initiative he hopes will represent those who believe they are "Taxed Enough Already" in a right-wing cross-party manner. Tory MEP Dan Hannan helped launch the initiative some months ago to what was I understand a packed house.

The trouble is, as seen recently, where the American Tea Party is really hitting where it hurts is at the ballot box by winning primaries across America. The Tea Party movement has the politicians and the media taking notice because it looks set to elect Senators and Congressman as official Republican Party candidates, but whose roots lay in the fast developing sub-layer of the Republicans known as the Tea Party.

And so the real question is in Britain, where will the electoral version of the British Tea Party come? Will a young band of small government, libertarian-minded politicians rise up the Conservative Party and challenge David Cameron's social democratic strategy that rages against much of what Tony Blair and New Labour did without proposing too much that differentiates it in terms of what role government plays in people's lives. Or will the "third Party" effect come into play, with a more domestically focused UKIP pressing forward to argue that the size of the state has grown too large under New Labour while simultaneously exposing the Conservatives' lack of real ideological urgency at the top of the Party in bringing lower taxes and a smaller state.

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