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France, Germany, Sweden at centre of US terror alert fearmongering
Date 04/10/2010 14:07  Author webmaster  Hits 1013  Language Global
04 OCT 2010

By Andrew Rettman (France, Germany, Sweden at centre of US terror alert)

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - France, Germany and Sweden are at the centre of official warnings by the US and the UK on the risk of a terrorist attack by Islamist groups in the run-up to Christmas.

The US State Department on Saturday (3 October) published a blanket Travel Alert for US citizens in Europe valid until 31 January based on "current information" about "al-Qaeda and affiliated organisations" and mentioning "subway and rail systems, as well as aviation and maritime services."

Speaking at a conference call with press on Sunday, senior State Department official Patrick Kennedy advised US travelers to register their whereabouts with US consulates, to avoid putting US stickers on their bags and to ensure that people do not overhear their conversations about holiday plans.

"We're not saying don't travel to Europe. We're not saying don't visit tourist, major tourist attractions or historic sites or monuments," he added, amid concern about potential flight and hotel cancellations in the run-up to the vacation season.

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