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New Labour isn't dead. It's called 'the Coalition'
Date 30/09/2010 14:41  Author webmaster  Hits 1229  Language Global

30 SEP 2010

By James Delingpole ¦ Blogs ¦ Telegraph

I’ve been enjoying reading the new policy wish list of Labour’s new weird egg creature leader Ed Miliband, as speculated on in the newspapers:

Permanent 50p upper band tax rate. (Rising to 110 per cent, should the Treasury find it necessary to punish such class enemies as graduates, entrepreneurs, people who work for a living, etc)

Compulsory trade union membership for everyone.

Schools to introduce replace Non-Competitive Sports Days with Young Pioneer flagwaving ceremonies in praise of the Great Beloved Egg (as the leader wishes to be known)

A new public holiday on Marx’s birthday to be called “Testicular Electrode for Bankers Day”

Every other MP to be a woman, by law. Every fifth one black. Every sixty-sixth one gay. Etc.

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