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Czech PM: Visegrad Group 'not a Masonic Lodge'
Date 28/09/2010 10:56  Author webmaster  Hits 1106  Language Global
28 SEP 2010


Petr Nečas, the Czech Republic's new prime minister, has defended regular talks between his country, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, saying closer cooperation between Central European states is a legitimate component of EU integration. He spoke to EurActiv.cz in an exclusive interview.

The four Central European countries making up the so-called Visegrad Group have started holding regular talks ahead of European summit meetings in order to coordinate their positions on issues of common interest (EurActiv 26/03/10).

The move has raised fears among diplomats in the older member states that the V4 would end up becoming a kind of parallel diplomacy within the European Union.

But, to Nečas, these meetings are only part of normal diplomatic relations between sovereign states. ''I think it is not our aim to scare anybody,'' Nečas told EurActiv.cz in an interview.

''No-one is surprised by regular bilateral meetings between France and Germany, so why should one be surprised by meetings between our four EU countries?'' he asked.

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