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European Parliament backs controversial anti-piracy report
Date 23/09/2010 15:21  Author webmaster  Hits 1233  Language Global
23 SEP 2010

By Matej Hruska | EUobserver

The European Parliament on Wednesday (22 September) adopted a non-legislative report on enforcement of intellectual property rights, calling for tougher application of intellectual rights and copyright harmonisation at the EU level. Meanwhile, civil liberties activists warn that such moves would undermine fundamental freedoms in the bloc.

"Online piracy is an infringement of copyright and causes serious economic damage to artists, to creative industries and to all those whose jobs depend on these industries," Marielle Gallo, a French conservative MEP and author of the report said after 328 MEPs voted in favour of the proposal and 245 against.

The report asks the European Commission to propose a "comprehensive strategy" on intellectual property rights "which will remove obstacles to creating a single market in the online environment" and adapt an European legislative framework in the field.

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