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Europe grapples with 2020 employment target
Date 22/09/2010 19:35  Author webmaster  Hits 1065  Language Global
22 SEP 2010


As the European Union slowly begins to emerge from the economic crisis, member-state governments now face the tough task of reviving their job markets and getting people back into work in the coming years, against a backdrop of an EU employment target of 75% for the year 2020. EurActiv's media network reports.

The global economic crisis has seriously affected the EU labour market, leaving over 23 million people across the Union unemployed and with little hope of finding a new job in the coming months.

In the last year and a half alone, 4.3 million jobs were lost – constituting 1.9% of the total EU workforce. Unemployment is expected to reach 10% and stay at that level until at least 2011.

In his first 'State of the Union' speech, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso unveiled plans to help fill the four million vacant jobs across the EU-27, including a 'European Vacancy Monitor' (EurActiv 08/09/10).

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