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Strange death of Cameron's Euroscepticism
Date 22/09/2010 15:54  Author webmaster  Hits 1076  Language Global
22 SEP 2010

By Iain Martin | WSJ

When David Cameron was leader of the opposition it was the widely accepted wisdom that he would, if he became Britain's prime minister, have the most terrible difficulties with the European Union.

His party, it was said, would be almost unmanageable on the issue. Remember that he encountered all manner of problems when he helped to establish a new center-right grouping in the European Parliament, breaking away from the far-right EPP. Surely that was just a taster before the main course in government?

Relations with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France were likely be fraught, as the Conservatives forced their leader to block initiatives coming from Brussels. Britain led by Mr. Cameron would be on a collision course with its neighbors. The resulting impact might destroy Mr. Cameron's carefully calibrated attempts to present himself as centrist, moderate and reasonable.

Absolutely none of this has happened. Why?

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