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Ireland's finance minister quashes IMF bail-out story
Date 19/09/2010 18:34  Author webmaster  Hits 1152  Language Global
19 SEP 2010

Brian Lenihan moved to calm markets with a rebuttal of a report that Ireland is 'perilously close' to a debt crisis.

By Angela Monaghan ¦ Telegraph

Ireland's finance minister has strongly rejected reports that the country could be forced to turn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Union (EU) for emergency funding.

In an unusual move, Brian Lenihan sought to reassure markets and the public last night that the Irish economy is not about to experience another shock and was pressing ahead with its plans to reduce the deficit and restructure Anglo Irish Bank.

"Ireland is funded well into next year as a sovereign and that is not contested by anyone," he told The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

His comments were made followed an article in the Irish Independent newspaper on Friday, which said that the government was "perilously close" to calling in the IMF.

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