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Study Finds Growing EU Skepticism of Afghanistan War
Date 16/09/2010 12:06  Author webmaster  Hits 1135  Language Global

16 SEP 2010


Back when President George W. Bush was in the White House, it seemed as though Americans and Europeans couldn't agree on much of anything. A new survey shows that, when it comes to the world's hotspots, not much has changed under Barack Obama.

In his celebrated 2003 treatise on the divergent post-Cold War paths taken by Europe and the United States, called "Of Paradise and Power," American foreign policy pundit Robert Kagan wrote: "On major strategic and international questions today, Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus."

Whereas Europe, Kagan wrote, was focused on building a political paradise of unity within a civilized world regulated by international law, the US busied itself fighting off "rogue states" intent on destroying the world order. This year's annual trans-Atlantic survey commissioned by the German Marshall Fund shows that, when it comes to global security issues at least, Kagan wasn't far off the mark.

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