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EU stuck in debate over economic 'indicators'
Date 15/09/2010 13:57  Author webmaster  Hits 965  Language Global

15 SEP 2010


European Union leaders meet on Thursday (16 September) as part of ongoing discussions to better coordinate their economic policies in the wake of the Greek debt crisis. But although progress has been made on some issues, discussions remain deadlocked over a proposed set of indicators to broaden economic surveillance among EU member states.

EU diplomats say there is a consensus among member states that economic surveillance has to be broadened to cover macro-economic policies.

At their June summit, EU leaders agreed on "developing a scoreboard to better monitor competitiveness developments and allow for early detection of unsustainable or dangerous trends".

A "semester" of economic policy coordination will allow for surveillance of broad economic and budgetary guidelines, such as assumptions on growth and interest rates (EurActiv 08/09/10).

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