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Colonel Gaddafi's £4BN Migrant demand
Date 01/09/2010 16:41  Author webmaster  Hits 1123  Language Global

1 SEP 2010

By Macer Hall | Daily Express

MAVERICK Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi provoked outrage last night by demanding £4.1billion a year from the EU to stop illegal immigration “turning Europe black”.

Colonel Gaddafi, in a speech in Italy, claimed his country needed the money for security measures to stop thousands of Africans heading across the Mediterranean.


Sir Andrew Green, of the pressure group Migrationwatch, said: “Co-operation with Libya over illegal immigration to Europe is clearly very important but £4billion sounds a bit steep.” And UK Independence Party Euro MP Nigel Farage said: “This is blackmail from a delusional dictator.

“It is outrageous that after calling for us all to convert to Islam, he is now threatening to send us Africa’s poor benighted masses.” Libya and Italy have already agreed a deal that allows the Italian navy to intercept illegal immigrants and return them to Libya.

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