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Exploitative EU Agreements
Date 06/11/2014 17:26  Author webmaster  Hits 1452  Language Global
UKIP MEP Raymond Finch speaks during the Fisheries committee meeting on the EU-Seychelles agreement, Brussels, 05.11.2014

• European Parliament, Brussels, 05 November 2014

Raymond Finch MEP, UK Independence Party (South East), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group - @raymondfinch

• Committee on Fisheries (PECH)

• Item on Agenda:
6.0 (PECH/8/00392) Agreement between the EU and the Republic of the Seychelles on access for fishing vessels flying the flag of the Seychelles to waters and marine biological resources of Mayotte, under the jurisdiction of the EU
- Commission's Proposal: COM(2014)0139

• Full session (video stream)