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Paul Nuttall: You remind me of Comical Ali, Mr Van Rompuy
Date 05/11/2014 10:25  Author webmaster  Hits 2083  Language Global
UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall gives farewell speech to EU Council president Hermann Van Rompuy, Conference of Presidents, Brussels, 04.11.2014

•  European Parliament, Brussels, 04 November 2014

Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group - @paulnuttallukip
(Two rounds of speeches)
- with interference from the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz MEP (Germany), Socialist group
-and a reaction from David COBURN MEP, UK Independence Party (Scotland), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group - @DavidCoburnUkip

• Conference of Presidents - with outgoing EU Council president Herman Van Rompuy

• Full session (video stream)

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Mr President, well, in fact everyone's a president here, isn't it wonderful! But I'll deal with the one who is here today attending his final conference of presidents.
Mr Van Rompuy, you've come here to talk about the European council, Ukraine, energy, the economy - it all seems very business-as-usual to me. But I've also listened to you for the past five years now and I'd like to give you a critique on what I've heard.

Much of the time you've reminded me of that other great statesman of our time, Comical Ali. You remember him, Saddam Hussein's information minister. The man who told the world's press that there were no Americans in Iraq yet US tanks were rolling into Baghdad behind him. The man was laughed at so much that it earned him the unfortunate name, Comical Ali. He was delusional to the point of denial... [European Parliament President Schulz interferes]

Martin Schulz: Just a moment, please. Sorry, I will ask you to stop, please, wait a moment. This is unacceptable, be quiet. You cannot compare the President of the European Council to the propaganda minister of a brutal dictatorship.

That is beyond the bounds of what is acceptable as parliamentary discussion so could I please call you to order, and ask you to not use such terms, otherwise I will be obliged to impose penalties on you.
Paul Nuttall: Okay, I will carry on then. So what have you really achieved in your five years as president of this council? You helped destroy democracy in Greece and in Italy by helping to remove two democratically elected prime ministers replacing them with two europhile puppets whose strings were pulled from Brussels. You've also received a massive growth in youth unemployment which is now averaging 50 percent in Greece, Spain and Italy. This is literally over 1 million young Europeans who are living their lives in despair, unable to find a job and some who are fleeing the continent altogether. Spanish are going to Argentina, Portuguese to Brazil and even Angola! And it seems everyone else is coming to Britain. Last year we had a massive 247 million people net come to Britain, the majority from within the EU. This unfettered and uncontrolled mass influx of people has driven down wages and in some cases put people out of work. Yet you Mr Van Rompuy still rule out allowing us to control our own borders. But you don't just want to stop there, you are committed to expanding the EU even further east, even though virtually everyone west of the Ukraine thinks that this is madness. You've overseen the tide of euroscepticism that has swept across Europe in the European elections which has resulted in a divided European Union, deflation hanging over the Mediterranean states. Mr Van Rompuy, I think that your five year tenancy as president of the European Council can be summed up with three Ds. Delusion, despair and deflation and nothing I've heard today will make me change my opinion.

Speech TWO
In one of your final acts as president of the council Mr Van Rompuy, with the aid of Mr Barroso, you ambushed the David Cameron the Prime Minister at the council last week with a bill for 1.7 billion pounds. Our government will now have to ask the hard working British tax payers to foot this bill because we have been successful. Yes that's right, success is punished here in the EU and forget Cameron's pitiful Hugh Grant impression saying that he will now stand up to the EU, because these are rules that we foolishly signed up to and we will have to pay or you will fine us. I want to finish by saying a big thank you to Mr Van Rompuy and also to Mr Barroso because you have pushed Britain to the exit door, one which I hope that we will walk through very soon indeed. Thanks.