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The Greens, the 'Scots-Nats' and the German Ministry of the Interior
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By A.S.Reed

Pierre Hillard - a French doctor of political science and a professor of international relations - has conducted some remarkable research into the destruction of democracy, being perpetrated by quasi-international and overtly supranational institutions, through the capture and absorption of national sovereignty, from above (see his "Bertelsmann: a media empire in the service of supranationalism," editions Francois-Xavier de Guibert, 2009) but he has also written extensively on the "perforation of sovereignty" - the capture of sovereignty from below - promoted by those same institutions, through ethno-regionalist parties like the so-called "nationalist" parties of Catalonia, Venetia and Scotland.

Hillard's article, "The Greens:  Partisans for a European Union of Ethnicities", which appears,
in English here is a summary of his findings concerning the direction of regionalisation, by the EU, the German Government and the "Greens-European Free Alliance" (Greens-EFA) and the danger of this, which has reached its height in the calling of this month's referendum on "independence" (i.e. independent subjection to the EU) in Scotland.

In general, the Greens have wilted, in their original form, after their sudden growth, last century, was curtailed through the adoption of all their ecological positions, by the old parties (LibDem-Lab-Con, in the UK) but, in 1999, the Greens-EFA was formed, incorporating a range of regionalist-separatist parties, which, together with direct support from EU-institutions and the German Interior-Ministry, have propped up the Greens, both financially and in terms of numbers.  Thus, the German Greens became the most powerful component of the EU-Greens and, in July 2004, Ian Hudghton of the "Scottish National Party" became the Leader of the "European Free Alliance" (EFA)

As Hillard explains, the EU is fundamentally regionalist (its official title is often given as "The European Union of Cities and Regions") and, consequently, all the established, pro-EU parties of the EU-subject states are constrained to follow regionalising policies; but they baulk at the prospect of losing their own national representation through regional separatism, which, in the case of Scotland, would greatly reduce the presence of Labour and the LibDems at Westminster.  For these reasons, the LibDem-Lab-Con was obliged to allow a referendum on Scottish separatism, but then campaigned for a "NO"-vote.  This is also why the old parties cannot "steal the clothes" of the Greens-EFA, as they stole those of the original Greens.

The Greens - led by the German Greens - thus persist, under EU-auspices, more as the dynamo of national dismemberment than as an ecological party, attaining their apogee, when they formed the German Government (1998-2005) in coalition with the Socialists (SPD) and their Leader, Josef "Joschka" Fischer, became Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor of the Bundesrepublik.  Once in office, however, Fischer found his past catching up with him:  he had been a member, for example, of the armed terrorist group, die Putzgruppe ("the cleaners") which stormed the OPEC-Conference, in Vienna, in December 1975, and held the delegates hostage.  After 2005, therefore, Fischer faded from view, taking up a number of lucrative sinecures, including one at Princeton University and another with the "Madeleine Albright Group", both of which organisations - as Hillard tells us - are deeply involved, on behalf of the United States Department of State, in promoting regionalism, and regional separatism, in the EU, and in Europe generally, today.

Another active member of die Putzgruppe, in Vienna in 1975 - where he shared a flat with Fischer - was Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who, also in 1975, published a book, "The Great Bazaar", in which he advocated, and praised, paedophilia.  Cohn-Bendit was Leader of the Greens-EFA from 2004 to 2014.

The Interior-Ministry of the German Government set up the "Federalist Union of European Ethnic Communities" (FUEEC = German, FUEV) in 1949, with a view to abolishing the national frontiers, which protect the rest of Europe from Germany, simply by abolishing all of Europe's other states, just as Kaiser Wilhelm II, Chancellor Adolf Hitler and Walter Hallstein (first President of the European Commission) had all, rather less subtly, recommended.  On 20th to 22nd May 2004, the 49th Congress of FUEEC was held in Poland and was attended by a senior official of the German Interior Ministry, Detlev Rein, two leading officials of the "Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe" (OSCE) and a host of representatives from EU-regionalist, separatist parties, including Welsh, Scottish and Cornish "nationalists", and all members of the Greens-EFA.  Indeed, the FUEEC is the main channel for organising and funding, between the German Government, the Greens-EFA and numerous, other, ethno-regionalist foundations.

This (see map) is what the project to fragment the states of Europe looked like, in detail, in 2004.