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Half-hearted Tories apply 'qualified euroscepticism'
Date 17/07/2014 12:46  Author webmaster  Hits 1742  Language Global
UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe - Explanation of vote on motions for resolution on yout employment, Strasbourg, 17.07.2014

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 17 July 2014

• Speaker: Steven Woolfe MEP (North West), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group. @Steven_Woolfe

• Explanations of Vote: Youth Employment
- Motions for resolutions
RC-B8-0027/2014, B8-0027/2014, B8-0030/2014, B8-0051/2014, B8-0052/2014, B8-0053/2014, B8-0055/2014, B8-0058/2014