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EU fisheries 'gender balancing' another piece of red-tape legislation
Date 15/10/2013 14:35  Author webmaster  Hits 3474  Language Global
UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew speaks during the FEMM/PECH Joint Hearing on women's role in EU fisheries, Brussels, 14.10.2013

• European Parliament, Brussels, 14 October 2013

• Speaker: Stuart Agnew MEP, UKIP (Eastern Counties), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) Group.

• Joint Hearing:
Developing the role of women in EU fisheries and aquaculture
- Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM)
- Committee on Fisheries (PECH)

The joint hearing was structured into three panels. The first focussed on the current situation and future perspectives of women in European fisheries and aquaculture, the second dealt with European Fisheries Fund programmes benefiting women, and the third was devoted to women's networks and association.
• Panel issue: Women's networks and associations in the world and in the fisheries sector

Full session (video stream)

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