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Secret vote on EU budget the stuff of a banana republic
Date 18/02/2013 15:47  Author webmaster  Hits 3714  Language Global
UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall speaks during the Conference of Presidents in the European Parliament in Brussels, 18.02.2013

EU Budget cut:  Where's the beef? What we get is EU horse meat.

•  European Parliament, Brussels, 18 February 2013

•  Speakers: Paul Nuttall MEP, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group

• Conference of Presidents (Open to all Members) - with European Council President Herman Van Rompoy and Commission presdient Jose Manuel Barroso.


"Mr President,

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on my TV on a frosty Saturday morning in Liverpool to find theUK News bulletins telling us that there was to be a real terms cut in the EU Budget for the first time since its inception.

My God, I thought, have they finally seen some sense and David Cameron secured a historic victory on behalf of the British people and British taxpayer?

But then I thought hang-on, where is the detail?

As we say in the UK, 'Where's the beef?'

When we look at it closely we find it's only EU horse meat.

Absolutely, more EU horse meat.

What we find out is that Cameron's so-called victory was absolutely hollow.

Although there is a cut in real terms about 36 billion euros, it actually amounts to peanuts.

In reality, the British taxpayer will pay even more because our contributions will go up year on year.

Although the cut in real terms amounts to 36 billion euro, which sounds a lot, taken over a seven year period, it amounts to peanuts.

In reality, for the British taxpayer, the whole thing is an illusion. Politics at its worse if you like, for our British contributions will continue to rise year on year.

It may be a pyrrhic victory for Cameron, but this is not a good deal for Britain.

We already pay an obscene 53 million pound a day into the EU budget and we don't want a penny piece into an organisation that hasn't had its accounts signed off for 18 years.

And to make things even worse, I now hear that the 4 largest groups in the parliament want to vote on this budget in secret. I ask you what are you afraid of?

Is it your own political parliaments back home, or actually, are you more afraid of the people who elected you in the first place. To vote secretly on an issue of this importance, an issue that affects your constituents in times of austerity, quite frankly is the stuff of a banana republic, not of a democratic organisation, that you purport to be.

Actions like this help to build mistrust in the European Union. It is no coincidence that today an opinion poll in the Financial Times stated quite clearly that 50% of Britons would like to leave the EU all together.

So therefore, I would like to congratulate, I would like to thank you for showing us to the exit door. Thank you."
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