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Brexit talk with Nigel Farage
Date 17/01/2013 13:32  Author webmaster  Hits 3736  Language Global
GoldMoney's Andy Duncan talks to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, 15.01.2013

GOLDMONEY NEWS | GoldMoney's Andy Duncan talks to Nigel Farage MEP, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, and co-chair of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group within the European Parliament.

They talk about the ongoing euro currency situation and the recent speeches from Mr Barroso, the President of the European Commission.

They also discuss the recent news of the German Bundesbank's decision to repatriate some of its physical gold reserves from the USA and France, and what the chances are of the UK leaving the EU in the next few years, and the likely fate of the euro and the EU itself.

This podcast was recorded on 15 January 2013.