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Farage: Let small businesses create more jobs
Date 07/12/2012 15:07  Author webmaster  Hits 2227  Language Global

60% of jobs in British economy come from firms that employ less than ten people - Nigel Farage

  BBC Breakfast | 07.12.2012 | UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: "During the Labour years, the public sector increased by nearly a million people, and we heard from Mr Cameron at the time of the last election that there was going to be a bonfire of the quangos, and in fact all that's happened is there have been more quangos created.

"And many of these people working in regulatory agencies and quangos are actually having a dead-hand effect over the British economy, so it's clear to us that some very big savings could be made."

He added: "It is frightening to think that the national debt at the moment is going up by 10% per annum, and we are literally, with our current policies, stealing money from our children and grandchildren, for whom it's going to take decades to pay back our current levels of over-spending"

Nigel Farage also said that George Osborne did not address "the issue that Britain's 4.2 million small businesses are talking about:

"And what they're saying is the current employment legislation regime is stopping them - is putting them off - employing people, particularly taking on young school-leavers.

"We need some relaxation of those employment laws and a recognition that actually 60% of the jobs in the British economy come from firms that employ less than ten people. They're the companies that need help and they got nothing from this budget."

Mr Farage also spoke about the Rotherham council foster case and UKIP's recent by-election successes.

Pointing to the recent Opinium opinion poll where UKIP figured as high as 21% in East Anglia, Mr Farage said that "it is clear that Eastern England is becoming the hot-spot for UKIP votes."