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Farage: There is a huge ideological war going on
Date 27/11/2012 23:39  Author webmaster  Hits 3856  Language Global

 The Rotherham council debacle was in focus, today, when Nigel Farage spoke with Alex Jones on Infowars.com (27.11.2012).

"This case sums up just what goes wrong. We are very, very close now to having a thought police in our country and I'm going to fight it with all my might," Mr Farage told Alex Jones.

"This is the Orwellian nightmare come true.  This case illustrates just how rotten things have become."

"There is a huge ideological war that's going on here between those of us that believe in free speech and liberty... and this new, bureaucratic monstrous state that has gone beyond the democratic process. 

"This case in Rotherham is a small example of my bigger battle against the whole European monster.

"Frankly, I believe, Alex, it is about the battle between good and evil"

Nigel Farage adds:

"I want an apology for these parents. I want those kids to be brought back together and returned. I want these people pardoned. And I want the heads to roll.

"This shows how government works in the Western world now. The woman who made the decision to take those kids away, working for a local council in a small, English provincial town is paid a salary of £130,000 a year ($200,000) to look after kids in Rotherhamn. And I want her to be sacked. I want her head to roll. 

"And if we don't get the right redress for all of this, then I will, on behalf of this couple, take legal action."