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Farage: Meet your new Soviet overlords, Mr Orbán
Date 19/01/2011 13:17  Author webmaster  Hits 3057  Language Global

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Mr Orbán, welcome.

After the six-month farce of the Belgian presidency it's nice to see an elected prime minister from a proper country.

And how I enjoyed your denouncement of communism as a dangerous ideology, and I noted the pride that you took in the fact that Hungary were the first country to take up arms against the Soviet Union.

Well 20 years after you won back your ability to govern yourselves democratically you are now part of a new European Union that increasingly shows similarities with that old Soviet Union. In fact you're going to meet lots of communists over the next six months, including the boss of the Commission here, old Barroso, who was an advocate of Chairman Mao.

You will see centralised economic planning and control. And above all what you'll see is a desire to impose a political union upon the peoples of Europe without their consent.

Wake up, Mr Orbán, look at how they tried to bully you this morning; they try to tell you how to run your own country. Tell them where to go. Stand up and fight for democracy once again.