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Greece cannot get economy moving from within euro prison - Paul Nuttall
Date 04/10/2011 17:01  Author webmaster  Hits 2965  Language Global

• UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall (North West) is interviewed by Russa Today, 3 October 201

From RT: Greece is Eurozone’s sacrificial lamb

European Parliament member Paul Nuttall from the UK Independence Party says the Greek people are now suffering from a bad political decision taken in Brussels 10 years ago.

“The problem that you have at the moment is that the people in Greece are suffering because of an ideological decision, not taken in Athens, but taken in Brussels, and it was taken 10 years ago,” he told RT. “They should never have been allowed to get into the euro in the first place. They broke so many rules – their own rules – to get Greece in because this was all politics. It was not about economics.”

According to Nuttall, Greece now has no other option but to default and leave the euro.

“Greece will have to default,” he said. “What we are being told is that a discussion is taking place in Brussels at the moment, where Greece will be allowed to default by 75 percent. In the end there really is no option – Greece will have to come out of the euro, will have to devalue its own currency, will have to be able to set its own interest rate, a competitive exchange rate. It is the only way the Greeks can get their economy moving. They cannot get their economy moving while they are trapped within the prison of the euro.”