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Brexit Britain will not be bullied by EU
Date 18/01/2017 16:50  Author webmaster  Hits 2409  Language Global

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 18 January 2017

Paul Nuttall MEP, UKIP Leader (UK Independence Party, North West), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group -

• Debate: Conclusions of the European Council meeting of 15 December 2016
European Council and Commission statements


"Well, Mr President, first allow me to congratulate you on your election. Well done.

I think it’s interesting that the conclusions of the Council meeting raise the issues of migration and security because these two issues go hand in hand, as has recently been shown by the attacks on our continent. Certain politicians, who I don’t have to name here in this speech, should their hang their heads in shame because of their dangerous and reckless policies which have allowed jihadis to cross our borders, freely without checks. Thank goodness we, the UK, will be leaving.

Yesterday our Prime Minister, Theresa May, set out her negotiation positions whilst some of it I applaud, other parts I find concerning. Firstly, I am worried that the so-called interim arrangements and phased implementation is simply Whitehall speak for a slow motion Brexit and I am also concerned that there was no mention of immediate immigration controls which means that by the time we are fully out of the EU, on current trends, we could have another million people coming to our country from the continent. And no-one in Britain bar UKIP, my party, is holding the government to account on these issues, maybe because the British Labour Party is a shambles that has let down working class people for far too long.

I am, however glad, that the Prime Minister made it clear that we are leaving the Single Market. This would allow us, if the government has the will power to control our own borders, not pay a membership fee or not have to comply with EU Directives and Regulations. 

So I say to the EU negotiators, now is not the time for empty threats.

Britain is not bluffing, Britain will not be bullied. Britain is not some sort of small nation on the peripheries of Europe. We are the United Kingdom. The fifth largest economy on the planet. We links all over the globe: to the Anglosphere, the Commonwealth, the emerging markets of the Far East. 

It is clear that Britain is going global and as a result of that momentous vote on June 23rd. I believe that we have a great future ahead of us.