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Nigel Farage tells Croatians to stay free
Date 07/09/2011 21:32  Author webmaster  Hits 2812  Language Global
Part 1

Part 2 (Q&A)

Part 3 (Q&A cont.)

UKIP leader Nigel Farage with the Croatian foreign affairs and EU integration state secretary, Andrej Plenkovic, during a debate on Croatian Accession at the conference centre of the Croatian Journalists' Association, Zagreb, on Monday 5th September 2011.

The debate, organised by e-academia, also featured Dr Anthony Coughlan, senior lecturer emeritus at Trinity College, Dublin, as well as nationally known figures from the Croatian political spectrum.

In what turned out to be a vigorous debate, the issues of farm subsidies, loss of political sovereignty, the effect of free movement of people caused by the Schengen Agreement and other aspects of EU membership were discussed.