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Nigel Farage: The Worm has Turned
Date 05/07/2011 10:34  Author webmaster  Hits 3079  Language Global

Transcript below:

• European Parliament, Strasbourg - 05 July 2011

• Speaker: Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP, Co-President of the EFD Group in the European Parliament (Europe of Freedom and Democracy)

• Debate: Review of the Hungarian Presidency, which ended 30 June 2011, with Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán.

Video Source: EbS - European Parliament


Mr Orban, you are one of the few European leaders who has a grasp of history, believes in the nation state and champions democracy; I would say Hungary is lucky to have you.

You have shown you are not willing to be bullied by these EU nationalists.

When you say, "Before we were dictated to by Moscow, and now it is Brussels," and you say you are going to stand up to it, you actually mean it.

I think you have proved to be the secret weapon of the Eurosceptic movement and your six months tenure in this presidency has indeed been historic. Because in the last six months the peoples of Europe have finally woken up to what an undemocratic and failing project this is.

There has been some real highlights of your six months, in particular, one thinks back to the Finnish general election and the stunning success of the True Finns Party , and who can blame ordinary tax-paying voters in Finland or elsewhere for saying 'We don't want to go on bailing out this failed project called the Euro'.

Fast on the heels of the Finnish result we had the third catastrophe... the bailout of Mr Barroso's Portugal, before we were back for the second Greek bailout with the rioting on the streets.

But to cap it all, the real highlight of your presidency was that the Danes tore up the Schengen Agreement so all in all I would say that you have had a remarkable superb six months in office. More has happened to re-awaken democracy and the future of the nation state perhaps more than ever before.

I think there is a growing realisation both here and elsewhere that the worm has turned, that we have seen the beginning of the end of this extremely dangerous project.

Mr Orban, jolly well done!