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We must realise who our enemy is - UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall
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• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 25 November 2015

Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group -
- Bluecard Question: Anna Elżbieta FOTYGA MEP (Poland), ECR group

• Debate: Recent terrorist attacks in Paris
Council and Commission statements

Thank you.
I'd like to start by offering my condolences on behalf of my group to the family and friends of those who were tragically slain in Paris. It really brought home to us the danger that we face on our streets today.
If we want to deal with the greatest threat that we and our children face in this century. That of Islamic fundamentalism, we must resolve the situation in Syria. We must first realise who our enemy is and who our enemy is not. We must not see foreign policy through the eyes of the student common room. We must realise that geopolitics is not a case of simply black and white but are very often grey areas. And we must be grown up enough to say sometimes my enemy's enemy is my friend, just as we did in World War Two with Joseph Stalin. We need to bring together a grand coalition of nations which includes not just the Western powers, but also Russia, China, India and Muslim nations as well. We must come together to cut out the cancer of radical Islamism which brought carnage onto the streets of Paris and I believe will no doubt attempt to repeat the same evil on the streets of another European city sometime soon.
We need to admit also that Bashar al-Assad is not the threat to global peace in comparison to the Islamism of Islamic State. But we must also look at ourselves and ask have our policies aided the terrorists and sadly the answer is yes. This place is in denial, you are clinging to Schengen, the freedom of movement of people, just as Neville Chamberlain clung to appeasing Hitler when it was obvious to all that this man could not be dealt with. And the obsession with these policies, and the failure to admit that you have been wrong, is placing the lives of our citizens in danger. Just as I warned in this chamber six weeks ago, to howls of derision, that freedom of movement of people in Europe would in the end lead to freedom of movement of jihad and I'm afraid, unfortunately I was proven correct.
We must also take a hard look in the mirror and ask whether our tolerance is leading to intolerance and again the answer must be yes. Last week I took a walk around the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek. I was saddened by what I saw but unfortunately I was not surprised. It is a snapshot of everything that has gone wrong with failed policies of political correctness and aggressive multiculturalism. It is a ghetto which many made home-grown jihadists live ebbed on by Saudi sponsored Wahhabism. So if we are to take steps to solve the crisis that we face we must first cut out its source which is the problems in Syria through a Cold War coalition but at the same time we must prevent it at home by reinstating border controls and clamping down on Saudi sponsored Wahhabism which is a growing clear and present danger within many of our communities.
If we didn't do a deal with Stalin, I'm speaking as a historian here, then actually we would now be probably be living in a Nazi-dominated Europe so we have to do it, we did not really have a choice. But equally at the same time you talk about appeasing Putin. Putin is on our side, the real threat in the world today is Islamic fundamentalism and if we have to deal with the devil we must do so, to ensure we cut out this cancer in our society.
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