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Watching the EU Project Fall to Pieces - Paul Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader
Date 07/07/2015 10:01  Author webmaster  Hits 2788  Language Global

• European Parliament, Strasbourg, 07 July 2015

Paul Nuttall MEP, Deputy Leader, UK Independence Party (North West), Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group -

• Debate: Review of the Latvian Presidency
Council and Commission statements
One round of political group speakers


Thank you Mr President,

Madam Prime Minister, you said the Latvian presidency was a job well done. Now, I just can't believe what I'm hearing here.This is Alice through the looking glass stuff.
I could, as we say in England, gild the lily like all the rest of you, but I'm from the North of England and we are quite famous for straight talking and telling it how it is. So I will.

Your presidency has been an unmitigated, unrivalled disaster.

Let's just look at what happened. Vladimir Putin continues to lead the European Union; a merry dance in the Ukraine and there seems to be no let up whatsoever.

We have 500,000 migrants in the Mediterranean and another 500,000 waiting to come.
And indeed Eurojust has admitted last night that ISIS are sending jihadis into our continent onto the boats.
And finally we have Greece - a country which could well leave the Euro.
This has all happened on your watch, Madam Prime Minister. It is not a very good result, is it?
In fact I'd go as far to say, at least Nero fiddled while Rome burnt, you have done absolutely nothing whilst we have watched the EU project fall to pieces.
And finally, as a Eurosceptic, I'd like to see Latvia extend their presidency for another six months because another half a year of this could see the whole EU fall to bits.

Thank you very much.